Colin…Keep Your Mouth Shut.

I try not to criticize the NHL. It’s too easy. It’s like pointing out water is wet or the Leafs suck.
But sometimes, the masterminds from inside the NHL say things so stupid, you have to say something, just to distance yourself from their obvious lack of integrity and or intelligence.
You know it’s bad when you preferred to think the head disciplinarian of the NHL, Colin Campbell, basically meted out discipline via a method of random outcomes. My personal preference was to imagine him selecting a die, then casting it to see how many games an individual received, for a particular offence. On that die were the numbers 0 through 5.
Unfortunately, Colin had to make this method look good, by implying he actually thought about his decisions. He actually applied his own version of “logic”. Then, to add insult to injury, he actually walked everyone through his thought processes. It was like listening to a 4 yr. old speaking about quantum physics. Senseless.
This guy is either mind numbingly stupid, or so out of touch with reality, the he needs to make a call to Avery for some psychiatric advice.
An intentional hit to the head, is an intentional hit to the head. To make any qualifiers after that is simply justifying your preferred, biased, outcome.
He is not a disciplinarian, he’s a partisan, and the longer he remains in a position of influence, the longer the game remains in a position of discredit.
He should be fired, unceremoniously.


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