Things That Make You Go….WTF?

With an impending cap crunch due to hit the NHL in the 10/11 season, and some experts prognosticators forecasting a drop of as much as $7M, to the $48M range, all us hockey fans have been eager to see what will be the fall-out come FA time this off season.

Many believed calmer heads would finally prevail, more caution would be employed versus paying out large contracts with little to show for them in terms of proven player track records.  This would be the first off season, since the cap, that GM’s behaved as actual fiduciary managers, not drunken sailors after paying off from a 2 yr. tour.

Well, then again, maybe not.

Of all the GM’s one would think was on a short leash to prove to be acting with economic prudence, it would be Glen Sather, of the NYR’s.  Yeah, you know, the guy who signed Wade Redden to the 6yr, $6.5M per deal.  The guy with 10 players signed for next season, for a commitment of over $42M.


Drunken sailors everywhere let out a cheer for their King and all mighty leader, Glen Sather, after he inexplicably signed Hobey Baker winner Matt Gilroy, to a 2 yr, $3.5M one way contract.  Leaving his team with a paltry $10M to sign 11 additional players.

I think we may have found our next NHL Commissioner!



2 Responses to “Things That Make You Go….WTF?”

  1. lol they’re only going to be able to dress 2 lines, 2 sets of d and one goalie every game next year.

    • It is pretty bad, as is. My question is, who stays and who goes, ’cause if Staal or Dubinsky are available, I sure hope Murray gets in on it!

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