NHL Fiddling?

After the completion of the 1st games, of the 1st round, I find myself wondering if the NHL is busy fiddling, while the quality of the game burns.

Carcillo, I player I won’t claim to like, is suspended for one game, for apparently purposely attempting to injure a player, while engaging in a completely legitimate aspect of a game, taking a face-off.  Was it intentional, the punch to the head of Talbot, while following through on his face off swing?  Probably.  Did it have any actual influence on the game?  No.

Contrast this with the two recent incidents at the blueline, involving Avery, and Hudler.  In both cases, the players, in order to avoid going off side, skated along the blue line, vs stopping, or going the opposite direction, and interfered with the back-checking defenseman, leading to a rushing goal.  How does this differ from the Carcillo case?  All incidents took place within the context of the game, all had the ability to cause injury, and all could be reasonably argued to be intentional acts, cloaked in an air of “incidental” contact.

In one case, a player was suspended, for an act admittedly having no influence on the outcome of the game, in the others, there were no penalty calls, for acts having direct influence on the outcome of the game.

I would argue, of the 2, the one resulting in a direct influence on the outcome of the game is the one upon which the NHL should be focusing their most attention.

But, they’re to busy fiddling.



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