Year End Reviews – Melnyk

Now that the season has come to an unceremonious end, at best, it’s time to take a look at the performances of both players and management, and consider how they did in their respective positions.

As we have a bit of time to kill before next season begins (lol), I’ll take this one person at a time, starting with the boss, Big Mel, but for him I’ll provide a bit of a bio, as little is written about his past anymore.

Eugene Melnyk – B

Born: May 27, 1959, Toronto, Ontario.

Claim To Fame: Dropped out of highschool in grade 12, then went on to found Biovail Corp.

Sports Interests: Ottawa Senators, Mississauga St. Mikes Majors, Winding Oaks Farm

Business Interests: Berts Bar, Providence Elementary School.

This was undoubtedly a tough year for Big Mel. He was mired in legal disputes involving Biovail, both with the SEC, and Biovail itself, and now the OSC, as well as having the displeasure of watching his sports crown jewel, the Senators, staggering through the 08/09 season like a drunken sailor.
So what part did he play in all of this?
Rumour has it Big Mel either blew the face to face with Deboer, or, upset with Deboers negotiating in bad faith (with 2 clubs at once) quashed his hiring, leaving Murray with his second choice, Hartsburg. We all know how well that worked out.
But on the bright side, Melnyk did what good owners do, spoke positively (if not a bit too bombastically) about his club in public, and opened his wallet in private, to give them the financial means to compete with any team in the NHL.
I’d have to give Big Mel a B on this one, and hope that, if the rumours are true, he steps back a bit from a hands on role, and allows those he hires to do their job, without his interference.
Melnyk is a fiery competitor, in everything he does, and no doubt his financial support is due to this competitive spirit. I doubt Big Mel will ever be a “in the shadows” type owner, and if that is the price we fans must pay in order to have a commited ownership, so be it.



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