Good News.

With the recent signing of Ryan Shannon, who will be representing team USA at the worlds, Murray has effectively done two things;

1. Shown he will reward hard work, and over look pedigree when handing out contracts. Take note Bingo players.

2. Added depth to this franchise, at little or no cost (Nycholat).  Of all of his 08/09 moves, this may prove to be the best…but that judgement remains a long way off.

No doubt Murray agrees, hence the one year deal.  Shannon has a lot to prove in this one year, as this team is already deep in bottom 6 forwards.  Either Shannon makes it as a top 6, or he will be moving on, or down, next year.

“It has always been my goal to be an NHL player. The Stanley Cup was an unbelievable experience, but now I want to be a go-to guy…I want to have more responsibility and I want to stay here.”  Ryan Shannon

Good luck Ryan, I’m pulling for you, as you certainly provided a great deal of entertainment in an otherwise dreary year.

As for his salary, the team does not release this information, but it is rumoured to be around the $1M mark.

It seems he signed for a very cap friendly 600k.  Apparently, he was offered an option of 660k on a 2-way deal, or 600k for a one way deal.  As I discussed earlier, he chose the security of the one way option.  This is, at that price, a very good strategic signing, but muddies the depth waters somewhat, as he will be on the roster next season.  Contrast this signing to the recent Bozak signing for 875k, on a one way deal, and suddenly it would appear Murray, at the very least, saved 275k, and probably more.

Where does this leave Mike Comrie? Based upon the recent comments by Murray, probably doing a little soul searching.



12 Responses to “Good News.”

  1. I predict that Comrie will get something like a 2 yr contract for 2.5-3 mil + performance incentives. But I’d say there’s likely a 50% chance that he’ll walk. BM did let Stillman go, who was rumoured to want to stay in Ottawa. I’d like to see such a signing, but only if Comrie can get healthy. Maybe the team doctors can consult with Murray on this one…

    • Hi Oman,
      I would think Shannon was the back up plan, should Comrie choose to again chase the money. But, should he decide to settle down in Ottawa, his recent 8M will go a long way to fluff up what the Sens will offer (@2M/yr).
      As for his hip, for sure the Docs will be providing guidance on this before any deal is struck…I sure hope!

  2. Ottawa Citizen reported that he signed for $600k, I think that’s a fair price, yes he has something to prove but for that price he can play on the 3rd or 4th line and not really hurt the cap space.

    I’d like to see some performance bonuses for Comrie, I wonder what the other GMs around the league would offer. I would think none would be thinking the $4mil range but then again I didn’t think Redden would get $6.5mil.

    • Thanks Fish, updated accordingly.
      As for performance bonuses…there’s some twist in the new CBA about them…let me dig around a bit and see what I can find out, because that is a good angle to consider with a player like Comrie, who has had his ups and downs.

  3. I really hope comrie doesn’t go after big money again. Does he honestly need it now? :). Really when he left in 06 for big money he ended up on the worse team in the league for the past 2 years and i doubt as cup contenders are gunna offer him 4m+ a year after the season he just had.

    Comrie, your set for life now (thank you Ms Huff), so stay here and help us win a cup!!!!!!

    • True Nick, I think it is generally accepted that Comrie has been over-compensated the last couple of seasons, yet, like you or I, I doubt he is too willing to admit to this fact!
      Will he accept less…who knows, but by all reports, he is more inclined to see the benefits of working environment, over just dollars.

    • Forget Ms Duff, he is the heir to the Brick fortune, I am sure he could get by on that amount of money.

      • I hear ya, but really, he is his own man, and deserves to be compensate for what he’s worth, family money notwithstanding.

  4. Woozle man Says:

    Given Bryan Murray’s dealing with free agents last year (Vermette, Kuba, Kelly), I think he’ll push hard for a low dollar contract over one, maybe two years tops. I can see Murray honestly offering 1.5m/yr, for two years, with some small bonuses.

    • Now that would be a good deal…and, cosidering his performace last year, fair. I would bet a low 1st year, with a performance based player option year at a higher amount after that.
      i.e. yr 1 @ 1.75M, yr 2 @2.5M, player option, IF they meet certain performance levels (GP, Pts, etc.).

  5. I wouldn’t mind paying him the money he wants if he performs, and really hes always played well when his contact had performance bonus. so if they gave him 1.5m+ bonus adding up to 2m+ i would be very happy with that

    • Agreed, in fact, I’d love to see this sort of thing for every player, top to bottom, and a team bonus structure as well, that would weed out the floaters from the dressing room and practice ice mighty quick me thinks!

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