That’s the sound of the last of the air leaking out of an abysmal season, encapsulated in last nights No Star game.

What a joke that was, all I can say is at least it was laid before a Toronto crowd, not an Ottawa fan base.  If however it was supposed to provide even a modicum of inspiration to a young E. Karlsson, well, lets just say Sweden must be looking pretty decent right now.  What a rip off that was, from both teams.

The only saving grace on the night was watching Gerber prove why nobody in Ottawa will be clamouring for his return any time soon, no matter how bad the situation in the crease may turn out.  If that was supposed to be his last impression on the minds of GM’s looking for a goaltender this off-season, well, lets just say Sweden had better be looking pretty good right now.  Maybe Gerbs can get a seat beside Karlsson on the flight back to Europe.

Truth be told, I really didn’t want the Sens to win, as for them it was meaningless, as opposed to the fact that a Toronto loss both improved their draft position, and odds of winning the lottery, but the game itself was a disgrace to the concept of professionalism, IMO.

All that being said, I am, surprisingly, looking forward to the post season.  The Boston/Montreal match-up has the earmarks of a tremendously spirited, if not lopsided series, and PIT/PHI will be a terrific series in every regard.

In the west resides the team I’m rooting for this year, CLB.  They will be facing the ‘Nucks and, unfortunately, this will probably be an incredibly boring series.  Without a doubt Vancouver is the most difficult team to watch right now, as for the most part they are a one player roster, and watching an inept offence bumble through a game, in hopes of scoring a single goal, en route to another Luongo victory, is like watching someone play with a Rubiks cube for 3 straight hours.



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