Winchester Gunning For A Position

It was unfortunate that the Sens were unable to get the win last night…in the short term.  But, making a last minute comeback, to tie up the game, and provide the loyal following with some much appreciated overtime play, was all one could ask.  A shoot-out loss is equivalent to picking a winning scratch ticket, you can claim it was skill, but ultimately it was luck.

Winchester continued his strong play in last nights tilt, tallying 2 assists, and willingly engaging an experienced pugilist in a brief, but gutsy fight.  With the depth at centre, and the number of solid role players within this organization (Winchester, Bass, Smith, Regin, Ruutu, Donovan, Schubert, Kelly, and Foligno), Winchester has his work cut out for him in solidifying a steady role going forward.  But under Clouston he seems to have found a niche, as a hard checking, agitating 4th liner.  This isn’t to say he is stuck in this role, but the fact that he has played it successfully, and been able to elevate has game when called upon, bodes well for the future.

No doubt it will be the bottom six positions on this team that will be the most hotly contested come next season, and with the salary pressure facing management, it may well come down to what you deliver, at what salary, that decides who stays, and who hits the trade market.

At .550M, Winchester is well poised for a future role on this roster.


p.s.  After the final game on Saturday, I’ll be doing a breakdown of each players performance, and how they may or may not fit into next years plans.


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