Sens Look to Exorcise Season With Win Over The Devils

The end has come.

Some might say none too soon, as the last 15 games have been little more then playing out the string in an otherwise waste of a season.

I for one will be sad to see the season come to an end.  It certainly hasn’t been a winning season, or as a fan, an easy season to watch, but say what you will, it was a season full of intrigue, and losing notwithstanding, a season that had me on the edge of my seat on a day to day basis.

I think many of us true fans need to remember that winning is not the only form of entertainment.  In moderation, losing also provides its own form of intrigue.  Being a fan is a rich tapestry, with ups and downs, and maybe we’ve all been a little spoiled, in terms of Reg. season performance, and like the players we too can benefit from a long off season of reflection, and re-affirmation, of our passion for hockey.

Would I rather be gearing up for the post season?  Sure.

But a day never passes where I don’t thank my lucky stars for living in a hockey town, with my very own NHL team to cheer for, come what may.



2 Responses to “Sens Look to Exorcise Season With Win Over The Devils”

  1. its been a tough season, I had trouble even watching games when hartsburg was coaching (when games are boring and your team is losing all the time, what fun is in that) But with Clouston, they are playing a more entertaining game which is fun to watch and they just happen to be winning under him which is a plus.

    But it should be an interesting playoffs when you have no team to cheer for (only teams to cheer aganist……….boston……..)
    But this year is shaping up to be an awesome post season

  2. Too true Nick.
    For me, it’s CBJ in the West (go Vermy) and in the east…I just can’t…after being schooled by all of them over the past 2 seasons I hate them all, lol!

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