Draft Order Becoming Clearer

As the number of games ticks down, the Sens draft picture becomes more clear.  With the recent loss to the Sabres, Toronto can no longer finish ahead of Ottawa, making 22nd the worst that Ottawa could finish.  As NSH has already locked up 86 pts., and has more wins than Ottawa, the best Ottawa could finish would be 20th.

This means Ottawa will, baring winning the lottery, draft between the #8 and #10 position.

The recent winning streak also guarantees Ottawa to finish with at least a .500 record.

As with the Hart trophy, drafting in the first round is always a matter of choosing between the best over-all player available, and the best player available, who suits your teams specific needs. Most GM’s pray for a convergence of these variables, but failing that, typically draft the best player available.

Based upon the various prospect rankings (ISS, TSN, CSB), here are my preliminary picks for Ottawa;
#8 – Jared Cowan (D)
#9 – Jordan Schroeder (C)
#10 – Simon Despres (D)



2 Responses to “Draft Order Becoming Clearer”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    As this year’s draft is basically all Cs & Ds, I think the Sens should draft the best C available. They could really use a scoring winger though, so we’ll see how that goes.

  2. Hopefully between Shannon and Foligno one of the two will step into a permanent top six role (or both!).

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