An Auld Situation

Is anyone else a bit confused over Auld getting his 5th straight start?

Don’t get me wrong, Auld has more than earned it, but I doubt the organization is trying to figure out exactly what they have in Alex Auld.  It would seem, in a situation where a win is all but irrelevant, management would try to expose Elliott, the teams apparent future back-stop, to as many NHL experiences as possible.

Unless of course, he’s not the future.

Everyone knows Leclair is the #1 for the foreseeable future, and we all know what has happened on this club in the past when a heralded number one was usurped by a “future” player, not to mention Leclair himself just lost his job to such a circumstance.  Dueling #1’s is not a great situation, in fact, Bob Gainey went so far as to trade his coaches #1, at the deadline no less, in order to solidify Prices #1 position within the organization.  With Leclair on the scene, who’s to say Elliott isn’t considered more of a trade asset, then a future prospect?  That would explain his sitting on the bench…honestly, could his stock be any higher?

Murray in all recent interviews has made it clear he is after another defenseman, and a top six forward.  We all know the cap situation is not exactly conducive to landing a UFA in either of these categories.  This would leave trade as the most viable option, for either a player, or possibly, an improved pick.

How is DiPietro doing these days?



11 Responses to “An Auld Situation”

  1. Someone suggested that Alud is playing so much as sort of a tryout for the world championship

  2. I guess that’s certainly possible, if they’re trying to make Auld the trade bait, but I can’t imagine they would do it at the expense of Elliotts development…

  3. That’s an interesting question. With Leclair coming in, one would expect that either Auld or Elliott could be on the block. My guess is that it will come down to the best deal Murray can get for either a stud D man or a top 6 scorer. Auld seems like more of a natural backup guy, but it is hard to say what other team would pay a big price to get Elliott, who is still largely unproven. Another interesting off season is in the works for BM the GM.

    Ps. Glad to see you’re back in action Gerald. Too bad that other blog site that we won’t name was so poorly managed.

    • Hey Oman, good to read you again!
      The thing with Elliott is the promise of the future, combined with the low cost. With the salary cap becoming such an issue, combined with poor economics, suddenly salary alone is an asset. No doubt it would require a team with an excess in depth to make a move for Elliott, as no team would move a strategic player for a yet unknown commodity. Teams like NYI, who have good young depth, but need another goaltender, at a good cost, that can fill in for DP, might be willing to trade their #1 pick for Elliott and OTT’s #1 pick…pure speculation obviously. Another team would be LA , who needs a goalie, and has a tremendous amount of depth at defence.

  4. Are you saying NYI would be willing to moving Tavares fior Elliot/Auld and Ottawa’s #1 pick .. I find that hard to believe ..

  5. Am I saying they will…no.
    Am I saying that it’s possible…hmmm, I guess I am. Certainly not likely.
    The situation on L.I. is rather tenuous right now in that they have budgetary issues, and a goaltender that simply cannot stay healthy, they cannot go through another season without a solid back-up/starting goaltender.
    But, it would be a very gutsy trade, and not one I would make if I were the NYI…but, look at some of the deals that get made, so never say never.

  6. I see two scenarios .. Elliot goes to bingo until LeClaire establishes his post surgery status .. Or Auld perhaps to NYI for SJ’s 1st rnd pick. So it turns out to be Campoli for Auld .. It seems Garth Snow is not such a bad GM. The Campoli trade can be seen as a win for either side. It is far from being of the lop sided variety. Campoli has shown flashes of being very good. Yesterday in the game he was paired with Lee and showed very good poise under pressure. Great discussion on this blog though .. thanks GN for doing this ..

  7. Here are Campoli’s stats for this year:
    NYI : 50 Games
    6 g 11 a +/- -20
    Ottawa: 23 games ..
    5 g 8 a +/- +5

    Here are Meszaros stats from last year:
    82 games 9 goals 27 assists +5
    But of course this is not a perfect comparison.

    What do you think ??

    • I think comparing their performances this season would be more appropriate.
      Campoli – PROD – 48:50
      Mesz – PROD – 78:37
      Both of these players played on offensively challanged teams, in the same conference, and played similar roles, however, Mesz played far more PK time than Camps, which skews the numbers via offensive opportunity.
      I believe, of the two, Mesz is the better all around Dman, but when comparing their salaries, Camps is the better value, by far.

  8. Woozle man Says:

    Clearly Campoli is better value, which is great for Ottawa. However, Murray needs to swing some kind of big deal come draft day (or beyond), for a solidly plus defenseman who can play big minutes. Say, someone to play with Kuba on the 1st or 2nd pairing. I actually like Campoli / Lee as our 3rd pairing.

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