Coach Killers Or Coach Makers?

First off, here’s the vid recap of last nights impressive victory over the beasts of the east.  Another outstanding performance, thrilling another home crowd.

In my previous incarnation, at another site not to be named…I spoke about how the Senators players, to a man, needed to accept their role in the demise of 2 coaches dreams of a career in the NHL. I didn’t lay all the blame at their feet, but certainly challenged them to accept their role in all of the drama around this team over the past 2 seasons.

After going 19-10-3, while coaching the sad sack Sens, has a rookie NHL coach been “made” thanks to the efforts of a team doing their best to disprove the “coach killer” mantle hung around their collective necks? Partly yes. Let’s be honest, coaching alone does not win games, and Clouston himself is the first to point this out when lauded as a new found saviour. But, I do not believe for a second that Clouston has simply been the lucky beneficiary of a 180 turn in performance. A few wins maybe, but 19? No way.

One need look no further then his handling of the media, the players, and most startlingly, his in game strategizing to see this that kid has it goin’ on, and don’t doubt for a second that his recent signing is not a pre-emptive move to lock up the young prodigy before alternate offers started coming in.

Here’s to you Cory, the man of the hour, you’ve earned your contract the old fashioned way, with hard work, guts, and determination. You may not have NHL player experience, but no player could dare challenge your work ethic, or commitment to do what it takes to win.
And in a world of instant stars, and 19 yr. old millionaires, that matters…a lot.


4 Responses to “Coach Killers Or Coach Makers?”

  1. Well said .. If I want to criticize Murray for anything .. it is too much patience .. I mean last year Paddock was nuts .. (“win and your in” , overplaying the top line into oblivious fatigue ..). He waited until it was too obvious ..
    With Hartsburg, the same thing .. too many breaks, lax practices .. )..
    Anyway .. Clouston it is ..

    I doubt Murray will get a top defenseman to start the season next year. He will see how far this team with the addition of Leclair will go. Then towards the middle of the season he will acquire a rental on the cheap. The team still need to give Pickard a chance under Clouston. Also it seems Lee and Campoli are improving and allow Murray some breathing room.

    What do you think ??

  2. Hey Sam,
    No doubt Murray has some difficult choices to make on the blueline this off season.
    Campoli, Bell, Lee, Picard, and Smith are all in play as possible players, or trade assets.
    With the return of a solid work ethic, good coaching, and a sound system, suddenly Ottawa has too many depth defenseman, and possibly too many ODmen, especially if (a big IF) Karlsson can produce in the NHL.
    Where to go from here? I honestly cannot even hazard a guess…yet, but I’m sure the off season will be full of discussions about the possile moves, and I look forward to it.
    At year end, I’ll be doing player reviews, and then start looking at future needs, and trade possibilities.

  3. Woozle man Says:

    It’s a strange situation: from my perspective, Lee and Campoli make the team, Phillips and Volchenkov make the team, and of course Kuba makes the team. If they can’t trade Smith, he makes the team. Where does this leave Picard, Schubert and Bell? Schubert and Bell are un-restricted, so I think they go where they can find a job. Schubert should be able to make someone’s 4th line as a forward (I’d even like to see him stick around the Sens in that capacity if possible), and Bell might be able to make someone’s roster. Picard, well, I just don’t see him being able to get into a healthy lineup.

    That said, I think the Sens still need at least one more reliable plus defenseman, who can play a lot of minutes, to return to playoff contention next year.

    • Schooby is still signed throught he 09/10 season…he’ll probably stay for depth if nothing else.
      Sens definately lack a full compliment of top 4 D, but, IF Leclair can be a true #1. this will at least be mitigated.

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