‘Tender Moments in Boston

But of course.

Auld posts a great game, and still he is out-played by T.T.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon your outlook), last nights loss was probably a perfect game for the Sens.  They competed with the best team in the east, offensively, defensively, and physically, and ultimately lost by only one goal.

Do the Sens really want points now, or do they want to play well?  I suspect playing well is the goal, points would merely be the most likely short term result.  Last night, due to the stellar performance of T.T., the Sens had their cake, and ate it too.

One thing last nights game did make clear, this team entirely lacks a skilled guy who is also a tough/mean physical player.  Lucic was a maniac out there, and made me wish he were wearing a Sens uniform.



2 Responses to “‘Tender Moments in Boston”

  1. I am ok with kind of losses. better chance of a higher pick ..

  2. Sad but true Sam, sad but true.

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