New Blood, New Attitude?

With nothing more than pride on the line, and 3 days beside the pool, and a little time away from the rink to play in the Florida sun, it will be a monumental task for the Sens to come out firing tonight.

Well, some of the Sens maybe.

It’s remarkable what impact some of the new “young blood” has brought to this team.  Many of us fans know all too well that for the most part this roster has been very steady and predictable, but as of late, the new faces are making an impact. Shannon, Winchester, Foligno, Bell and Elliott have brought a new degree of enthusiasm to this roster, a bit of a revitalization if you will, and for the first time in years this team is not relying solely on the tried and true names.

E. Karlsson on the horizon?

Well, maybe in Bingo, according to Sens management, but there remains a number of difficult hurdles to overcome, but the fact Erik seems amenable to coming to NA is a huge positive, and the organization is surely hoping to lure him to Ottawa in the off season in hopes of helping him develop his physical attributes as well as grow accustom to the NA ice surface and style of play.  Some argue the SEL is the best place for him to develop, but I prefer he be exposed to life, and hockey in NA before trying to make the junp into the NHL.  The SEL is a tremendous league, but it is sufficiently different from the NHL that it is unrealistic to think it prepares players better then the AHL, IMO.

Another long forgotten name being heard in Senators circles lately is heavy hitting Russian defenseman Kiril Lyamin.  But this could be little more than a smoke screen to further the M. Karlsson talks.



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