Lucky 7?

With just 7 games remaining in the regular season, it would take jackpot style luck for this squad to make the play-offs.

I remember the first time I ever went to a casino, I sat down to play a slot machine, one close to the door, as everyone says they pay the most (or should that be take the least?).  I wasn’t there more then 10 minutes before a lady just a few machines over started screaming and jumping around, her machine ringing and clanging, lights flashing.  I only ever saw “Hollywood” versions of jackpot winners, so I figured it was no big deal as quarters weren’t streaming all around, flooding the floor like a cresting Red River.  Turns out the big winners get a cheque these days, kinda anti-climactic, but at the end of the day, with an empty wallet, I left knowing that sometimes people do overcome the odds, and hit the jackpot.

Shannon may have won a jackpot of his own already.  Tonight saw Shannon play another outstanding game, one of the few Senators to show up consistently over the last few games.  His effort was rewarded with another goal, but his biggest reward may come this off season when he and his agent sit down with Murray to negotiate his new contract.  As an arbitration eligible RFA, I would expect Shannon to earn a one way, @$1M deal, as I doubt he wants to risk looking for a job, and another potential return trip to the AHL, should a new club not give him a real shot at playing a regular NHL roll, as I’m sure he will be promised if he remains with the Senators organization.

He’s earned it, and in another era, probably more, but with his limited NHL record, and small physical stature, management must decide if his recent solid play is the contract effect, or the legitimate long term expectation.  With Comrie also available, the pressure will be on for Shannon to sign, or risk the great unknown, which to a 26 yr. old player playing on his 3rd club in 4 years, and only having played 107 games, is not so very unknown, and pales in comparison to a guaranteed 1 way deal.

It must also be noted that Elliott earned his first career shut-out, and although it didn’t come in a 50 shot gun fight, it was a long time coming, and after having been so close so many times in the past, it should be sweet all the same, good for you Els!

Here’s to the final 7, may they entertain us, if nothing else.



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