Back On The Horse

Man that was a bad game.  How disappointing.

I truly thought the Sens would snap back from the loss to Carolina, and put in a dominating effort.  Instead it was the 07/08 season redux.  To watch them submit to playing a game of river hockey was confusing, and left me once again questioning if the recent winning streak is a mile wide, but only an inch thick.  Yes this team has a potent offense, but to think it will be on the better side of 5-4 victories is a theory already disproved.  This team will win by capitalizing on neutral zone turn-overs, not end to end rushes.

But tonight sees another kick at the can, a chance at redemption if you will, even if ultimately an exercise in futility.

Like Atlanta, Tampa is a another opponent sitting well out of the play-off race.  Will Ottawa again allow their opponent to dictate the play, or will the Sens revert to the desired cohesive, systematic team play as preached by Clouston?

They’ve lost 2 straight going off the page, can Clouston, and his system, lure them back to the winning side?

To me, that’s all that matters anymore, where is this team in its development?  Is this still a loose gathering of semi to highly skilled individuals, or a highly skilled team all working toward a common goal?



2 Responses to “Back On The Horse”

  1. Dave Morris Says:

    You’ll remember I cautioned against predicting a ‘dominant win’ over the Thrashers.

    The Senators haven’t shown they can deliver when it REALLY matters this year.

    They also showed that, as a team, they still don’t ‘get’ Clouston’s message…like they didn’t ‘get’ Hartsburg, or Paddock for that matter. Coach Cory’s post game comment could have been lifted from a Hartsburg post mortem:”We just got outworked. Plain and simple: They wanted it more than we did. It’s very hard (to explain). It’s a must-win. I’m at a loss. I’m not exactly sure what to say or how to explain it. Just the effort wasn’t consistent enough. At times we had the effort, but not consistent enough.”

    Sounds all too familiar.

    Clouston and Murray are filling out the report cards as the boys play out the string.

  2. It still remains 2 losses, in an otherwise long string of improved performances. As frustrating as it is, I’m still willing to put the preponderance of the evidence into the “improved” file.
    In terms of comparing it to Hartsburg, well, in my opinion, not really. Under Hartsburg all too often what he publically construed as a lack of effort was really more a lack of game plan. The roster was often doing what was asked of them, but what was being asked, was wrong.
    In the last game, it was a matter of the forwards all running deep, with poor neutral zone gap control. Basically, run and gun, which is not Clouston’s system. They worked, but they didn’t work smart, they played right into Atlanta’s hands.

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