Bell Weather?

O.k., I’m sure the mourning is setting in.  I know I’m feeling a bit disappointed as the reality of the Sens situation becomes all the more apparent.  But all of this post season anticipation (which, by all accounts, is still as possible as ever, highly unlikely) has distracted many of us from the real purpose of these final games, talent evaluation.

I’ve tried to remain focused on this, but alas, I’d be lying if I claimed I wasn’t at least a bit caught up in the play-off push.  However, in the loss to Carolina, although the play-off dreams grew dimmer, the future did brighten a touch, thanks to the outstanding play of Brendan Bell.

In these recent  tremendous performances on the part of the Senators, Brendan has been nothing short of impactful.  This isn’t a guy looking decent among a group of underachieving sluggers just going through the motions, this is a guy making a difference on a team that is, by all accounts, dominating their opposition.

In his last 20 games played, all under Clouston, Bell has 13pts (2G, 11A) and is +3.  He has averaged 18:52 a game, has been a fixture on the PP, and has seen some spot duty on the PK.

We all look forward to seeing this team return to legitimacy, and recognize that an improved defensive corp is required in order to do so.  With Bell’s recent performance, it just may be that the Sens have found a player to help them take a step forward.

It was also nice to see Els post another great performance.  Some have pointed to the game winning PP goal as being weak, but the fact is all goaltenders surrender goals they wish they had back, and it is unfair to expect perfection of one player, while giving the remainder of the team a pass.  2 goals against is a winning performance from any goaltender.



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