Elliott, A Bird In The Hand, Or 2 In The Bush?

First off, sorry about the late post, it’s been a day…

As usual Clouston delayed announcing his starter for tonights tilt vs. the ‘Canes.  This got me to thinking, is Elliott still on trial, or has he earned interim #1 status?

With an NHL record of 17-4, I think he has at least made a case for being considered a legit starter.  But Murray has already locked up this role with his recent acquisition of Leclair.  I guess it’s possible that Elliott could back up for Leclair, but would his development be best served sitting on the bench?  And if not, how would he feel about going back to the AHL for @100k, eating drive through, on the bus, between flea bag motor inns, while Auld earns 1M, eating fine dining, while flying charter, and lodging in 5 star hotels?

I know I’d notice the difference, and honestly, who wouldn’t?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to insunuate Elliott would refuse to play, or even so much as give it a second thought, but it makes me wonder.

It also makes me wonder what Elliott might be worth on the trade market.  Just humour me here.  Everyone knows the two most valuable things to an NHL GM are goaltenders, and salary.  As a non Arb eligible RFA, Elliott might be worth a mint on the trade market.  Sure, it would be hard to imagine trading such a valuable commodity, but then again, if he’s just languishing in the AHL, or warming the bench for the next 2 yrs, is he really much of an asset?  Sure, if Leclair stumbles, or continues his history of injury, Elliott could be game ready, but what if Leclair is the guy?  Or worse, what if Leclair stumbles, and then so does Elliott?  Now you have 2 goaltenders you can’t move…imagine that, I’ve seen it happen, lol!

I’m not saying we should trade Elliott, but lets just say a certain Island based team with a goaltender issue might be willing to move a #1 pick for a young goaltender with a big future, and a small salary…you would have to seriously consider it.

I know I would.

What about you?



2 Responses to “Elliott, A Bird In The Hand, Or 2 In The Bush?”

  1. Never underestimate Brian Murray’s ability to think outside the box .. Personally I don’t think Elliot is ready . Just see tonight’s winning goal. The ability to make the big saves when the game is on the line ..
    just a thought ..

  2. I have no real problem with that goal (although obviously any sh@thole goal is dubious), it was PP, from a guy with a canon. 2 GA, no matter the quality of the goals, is all a team can ask for from a goaltender, IMO. If you need better in order to win…you’re not going to win many, and should probably focus elsewhere in improving your teams chances. But I hear ya…

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