Sens Commit a Purse Snatching on Broadway.

In all honesty, a typical octogenarian New Yorker would have put up a bigger fight then the Rangers did last night.
I actually expected a far more high scoring game, as both of these rosters have been lighting it up as late, but apart from a virtual own goal (Auld), the bulk of the Rangers looked anemic and disinterested.
The Sens looked decent, expecially considering it was a road back to back, and once again, if not for King Henrik, the Rangers would have been soundly beaten on the scoreboard as well as on the ice.
What I found most interesting was how Clouston chose to cover off the absence of Volchenkov. One would think both Philips and Kuba would post +25 minute nights, but not so. In fact, both played less then 25 minutes.
With Clouston, tracking his ice-time distribution is fascinating. He really does manage ice time like this roster has never seen before. Neither salary, nor experience are guarantees of minutes. The fact Lee and Bell played more EV ice time then Kuba, in a must win one goal game, is astounding, and speaks volumes as to how willing Clouston is to reward those he feels are bringing it in any one game. Campoli, a player I though was having a decent night, saw only 14:19 of ice time, the least among all Dmen, shows what I know!
Another interesting observation is the PK, which was lights out last night, albeit vs. a relatively weak PP. Interestingly, both Winchester, and Ruutu played more PK time (3:31, 3:36, respectively) than Fisher (2:53). As well, Shannon, for only the 2nd time this season, played some PK time (00:48)….a reward for his recent spectacular play and effort?
Speaking of which, wow, how good does the Fisher, Foligno, Shannon line look? What an intriguing combination of skills, and if they can keep it up into next season, suddenly Ottawa has a very legit. 2nd line. Shannon for Nycholat…what a steal, no matter what happens next season.  [Did you know Shannon has the 4th best PROD (28:35) on the Sens roster, behind only the big 3…not bad, not bad at all]
Lastly, not to pile on, but could Reds look any worse? To be perfectly clear, he is an outstanding individual, an A1 man, and community person, but as a hockey player…he has some serious improvement to make to earn his salary, and if he can’t, will he, or the Rangers, really be willing/able to stick it out? I doubt it. Too bad…but better them than us.


P.S. Go ‘Canes Go


4 Responses to “Sens Commit a Purse Snatching on Broadway.”

  1. Howard Lesiuk Says:

    Took a few days to find this after your re-location but well worth the effort; I continue to enjoy your analyses. Clouston is looking like a genius as the team continues to roll under his management. While the sample size is still way too small to be anything close to conclusive, it presently appears that one of his big achievements is to cobble together an effective second line out of what had been little more than spare parts under Hartsburg. Each victory and each clever move by Clouston is another silver bullet to the NHL career aspirations of poor Hartsburg who is thereby being made to look a dolt.

  2. Glad you found me! I was sorry to feel I had to leave, but sometimes that’s just the way things go, best for all…I guess, lol!
    I was thinking much the same about Hartburg vis a vis his looking to be the root cause of his demise, it’s too bad really, because no doubt Clouston has benefitted from Hartsburg’s failures in knowing what not to do, and having a captive roster desperate for change.
    As for the second line, time will tell, but the minor leagues are full of potential awaiting the right opportunity, alas, few such serendipitous moments occur. Look at St. Louis and T. Thomas as shinning examples…
    Again, thanks for reading, it makes it worth the time to put my thoughts into writting…

  3. On Hartsburg.. There is no question that goaltending with Gerber and long absence of Kuba and volchenkov during parts of the 1st half did not help him at all. In retrospect it was all for the better .. It forced the organization to an act of desperation in promoting clouston . The initial objective is to get the players to perform better and improve any trading discussions.

    As far as Hartsburgh is concerned there are several things one cannot excuse: short practices and too many days off. On most nights the sens were just out hustled and outskated. Also the creativity factor.. He could have gone to the tapes from 2 years ago and see what was being done.

    The more this unfolds I think that Hartsburgh was indeed an extremely poor choice.

  4. Hey Sam,
    FWIW, there was talk among some within the NHL that Hartsburg was the #2 choice, and that DeBoer was Murray’s #1 choice, but DeBoer and Melnyk didn’t “click”. I’ve heard it was DeBoer who turned down the job, I’ve also heard it was Melnyk who nixed it…but, it’s all rumour, so take it for what it’s worth…nothing.

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