Sens At Home In The City That Never Sleeps.

Another back to back road trip.  The NHL schedule this season has been a strange one, and no doubt the number of back to backs on the road will be raised by many GM’s during this off season.  Last night the Sens were on the right side of one, tonight they’re on the wrong side.  What goes around…

Suddenly what appeared to be little more than an extended development camp, has turned into a miracle drive to the post season, thanks in large part to the Sens stunning 8-2-0 performance in their last 10 games.

And let’s be clear, it has been an impressive team effort.  Elliott sets a franchise record on goal, the big 3 have been stacking up points like cord wood, and team wide production has been consistent and deep.

Does Ottawa really stand a chance to make the post season?  Well, a better chance then they did a week ago, and with the way the teams in front of them are playing of late…well, it’s moved from requiring a miracle to merely being a lotto 649 type possibility…and, as they say, somebodies gotta win, right?  All the Sens have to do is win one game…11 times in a row.  Judge for yourself.

The Rangers are on a tear of their own (7-2-0), and after further solidifying their place in the post season, are for the first time this season getting both good defense and solid offence (39 GF in last 9 GP).  In many ways, these 2 teams are mirror images, and Brooks latest article could read Sens as easily as Rangers.

The stats say, if the Sens are winning going into the second (W% .867), they’ve probably picked up 2 pts, but if the Rangers have the lead going into the third (W% .852), things look bad for the Sens chances of keeping the play-off drive alive.

Enjoy the game, it should be a good one.



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