No Glorieux

Tonight the surging Ottawa Senators finally gave their attending home fans something to cheer about vs. the Habs.  For those who have not endured it, a home game, vs. the Habs, can be an exercise in frustration.  Between the IQ destroying ole, ole, ole’s, and the sit on your hands, tie wearing, civil servant Sens fans, a home loss can be downright embarrassing.  I personally believe every Sens season ticket holder should be forced to go to a Flyers game wearing an away sweater, as a lesson on how to treat those who come to your barn to root for the away team.

Then again, I’m not sure the Sens can afford to lose 1/2 of their seasons tickets base…or more.

But I digress.

After once again surrendering the first goal, the Sens maintained their composure, and quickly pulled even off of a trickler tip on the PP.  I swear I had time to get another beer between seeing the tip, to the time the puck crossed the line!  Price was awful, and not just on that goal, but until he was pulled in the 2nd.  The look on Gaineys face said it all.  To think he fired one of his best friends to promote this kid…talk about jumping the shark.

A goaltending battle it was not, but Elliott stayed with it, and even after allowing an ugly 5 holer, he made some game savers in the third to keep the Sens alive.  And when both teams are playing river hockey, you can’t expect your goaltender to stop them all.  Look no further then Fuhr, a goalie who could get the win, even if he allowed a softy now and then.  Just playing in a game like that improves Elliotts NHL skill.  It was probably as close as the Sens will get to a play-off style game this season.

The most startling thing was the apathetic, if not destructive play of Kovalev and Kostitsyn.  These two were a disgrace to the sweater, and for Gainey to have allowed them to play the minutes they did, in a desperate situation, was disturbing.  Carbo must have had a good laugh at that one.

It’s hard to make too much of this win, but having it come at the expense of the Habs play-off hopes is a pure pleasure, and had me on the edge of my seat from the drop of the puck, to the final horn, and that, ultimately, is what we all want from a hockey game.



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