A Look Ahead

As the likelihood of the Sens making the post season quickly fades from unlikely to impossible, the talk surrounding off season roster moves heats up.

1. Will Murray sit pat, hoping to leverage his recent acquisitions and the upcoming top 10 draft selection?

2. Will Murray make some minor roster moves, with an eye to adding a top 2 defenseman?

3. Will Murray put his stamp on this team in a big way, making a play for an improved 2nd line, and an elite #1 Dman?

These 3 represent the questions being faced by Murray, and frankly, Melnik, because economic circumstances are such that making any moves come with major long term strategic ramifications.

Options 1 will make the least impact, and either indicate a strong belief in the current roster, or an inability to make changes due to a lack of available options, or for political reasons.

Option 2 is the most difficult to stomach.  It will mean the gutting of this team “value” players, or prospects, in exchange for what likely amounts to other teams “lost causes”.

Option 3 is the one that makes the biggest splash, and brings with it the highest Boom or Bust ratio.  This is a scenario in which Murray moves one of the “big 3”, and probably another core player such as Phillips, Volchenkov, or Fisher, in exchange for a package of lesser proven, but less expensive players, filling roles on the 1st, and 2nd forward lines, and the top defensive pairing.  This move would represent a massive gamble, but is likely the only way Murray can make multiple higher end acquisitions with the looming cap crunch.

In a follow-up post I’ll explore option 3 further, breakdown what Murray would be looking for, who might be available, and what teams might want to consider what Murray has to offer.

In the interim, if you were Murray, what would you do?


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