Wilson Obsessed With Spezza’s “Stick”

After admitting he’s been focused on the shape of Spezza’s “stick” all season, Wilson finally couldn’t take it anymore, and had to get a closer look, in fact, he was so obsessed, he wanted it measured.

Ok, so that’s a bit tongue in cheek, but, honestly, it was still a pathetic move on the part of Ron “Narcissist” Wilson.

The reason nobody calls this penalty is because virtually every player plays with an “illegal” stick.  Turning this misguided rule into a viable call, would be to put the spotlight onto their own players, not just the opposition.  In an odd sort of way, this rules utilization been held at bay due to a M.A.D. situation.  Wilson not only made an ass of himself pulling this bush league move, but he threw his team, and every other team under the bus in order to do it…and for what, 2 points neither team actually wants?  Ass hat…MLSE and Wilson so deserve each other.


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