The Remains Of The Season

With the passing of deadline day, Sens fans find themselves in a position not endured in over a decade…meaningless games, closing out a meaningless season.

It is difficult to watch games and flip flop between hoping the team loses, in order to maintain a top 5 pick, and wanting the team to win, to show a glimmer of hope for the future.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely the Sens can have both, so the reality is a choice between hoping for improved play, or a top 5 pick.  Considering the depth of this draft class, any pick within the top 8 is likely to be a top line performer, making my choice a desire to see the team win…damn the pick!

So what would be improved performance then?  Well, to me, it would be playing well enough that, had it been for the entire season, they would have made the post season.  Conventional wisdom has that magic number at 94 pts.  94 pts would represent a P% of .574.  The team, for the season, is currently earning points at a P% of .460.

The truth of the matter is, since bringing up Elliott, and promoting Clouston, this team is doing better, but good enough to have earned 94 pts?

Well, not counting Cloustons first two games (as really, how much impact could he have had?) this team has been earning points at a rate P% of .616/G, which would be worth 100 pts over an entire 82 game season.

Not bad, and as far as Clouston is concerned, the team has yet to be fully comfortable with the new system.

Here’s to an irrelevant, but entertaining, if not fulfilling end to this season, and at worst, our the best earned pick position in over a decade.


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