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So, You’re Looking Good, How Have You Been?

Posted in General Opinion, Uncategorized on January 6, 2013 by sensay

Another line we’ve all heard.

You know, that cagey, non-committal statement you make the first time you see your ex, the one who cheated on you, but the one you still haven’t quite gotten over, either.

You’ve dreamed of them regretting their decisions.  Dreamed of them pining over you, scheming how to win you back.  “Oh”, you’ve thought, “how I will make them beg, how I will prove to them they made a huge mistake, oh how I’ll make them pay”.

But then you see them, sitting there with their friends.  You heard the rumours that they wanted you back, but you’d heard that before, too many times before.

Now they’ve seen you, too, and, oh shit, they’re coming to speak to you.

You’re furious with them.

You’ve vowed you’ve gotten over them.

Then why the excitement?

Why the anticipation?

“So, you’re looking good, how have you been?”


That’s it?

That was your moment to make them pay, and that was it?

Now what?

Well co-dumped, now what?

Help me figure out how to punish them.  Not kill them, but not let them off without punishment either.


This Is Going To Hurt Me, More Than It Hurts You…

Posted in General Opinion on January 6, 2013 by sensay

We’ve all heard this line, and in my case, it has always been at the “lucky” end of the spoon.  But let me tell you, it really hurt, so I can’t imagine how much it hurt my mother…until now.

I, like all hockey fans, face a gut wrenching situation, one which leaves me thinking it will hurt me, more than them; them being the NHL and NHLPA, the Depressing Duo.

Like a petulant child, refusing to see reason and behave in a socially acceptable way, the Duo needs to be punished, they need a time out or a good spanking.

I know this, but, as I put the Duo over my knee, and raise the spoon, I waiver, fearing this will hurt me, more than it hurts them.

You see, I want to punish them, not myself.

Why should I be punished too?

I’ve done nothing wrong!

I’M the victim in all of this!

But, am I really innocent in all of this?  Do I really deserve the right to feel the victim burdened with meting out a needed punishment?

And that’s the rub.  I’m a part of the problem, too.

I’m the parent that made idle threats, looked the other way when the child began to get too big for his britches, and laughed at his precociousness.

Then, when the recipe for disaster pie was ready to eat, I somehow feel like I’m the one unfairly forced to take a big bite…unwilling to accept it is of my own making.

This wasn’t the first work-stoppage, nor the second.  This was the third, in less than a generation, with one of them resulting in a complete loss of a season.

The price paid that time?

For the NHL, record profits.

For the NHLPA, record contracts.

For the fans, another slap to the face.

And I’m as guilty as anyone for the shameful state of contempt heaped upon the fans of this game.  I’m the parent that screamed “stop it”, while still laughing at the behaviour.

I’m the problem.

In my desire to not hurt myself, more than the Depressing Duo, I’ve created this situation.

I’ve created the spoiled brat(s).

And now, I’m swinging the spoon, hard.

It’s going to hurt, of that I am sure, but let’s be honest, it can’t hurt more than beginning to hate your own children.


NHL Lock-Out – The Big F.U. 2

Posted in General Opinion on January 4, 2013 by sensay

That’s what I’m calling it; The Big F.U.2.  It doesn’t take a cryptologist to break that code, so I’ll spare you all the full version, because if you can’t figure it out, you shouldn’t know it.

I’m beyond picking sides, at least between the two obvious combatants, instead, I’m siding with the fans, you know, the only ones among this cluster up that actually matter, even though they are the least considered, respected or appreciated.

This isn’t a blog post to vent my spleen, because, frankly  it’s been well and vented, and I saw no need to do so here on these pages.  No, this is really about making a public statement that the NHL, and its players, have bankrupted my love of the game.

The passion was trampled, then the remaining spark pissed on, and the cold ashes unceremoniously flushed down the toilet.

There’s nothing left but a stained bowl.

Good for you boys, one of you will be the proud winner of nothing.




On The Suspensions

Posted in General Opinion on April 16, 2012 by sensay

Talking about NHL discipline is like commenting on which way the wind blows, while standing in the middle of a tornado.

But here’ goes;

Carkner – He received a 2 game ban, not one, as some seem to be saying.  His ejection was a one game, plus the other handed down by Shanny.  I have no issue with this as his actions were obviously premeditated, intentional, and resulting from a previous incident, not from the heat of the moment.  But, that being said, Boyle did have the opportunity to defend himself, knew he was going to have to do so, and chose not to.

Sure it could be argued that you do not HAVE to fight…but, if you go around hitting others after the whistle, it hardly seems the moral high-ground to later claim the right to not be hit by others.  Boyle made his bed, and, in my eyes, took a bigger beating to his character than to his face.

But the biggest gain in all of this is the fact that, after Boyle attacked Karlsson, and received no penalty (it was a wash with Karlsson also being penalized), resulting in this whole situation, the officials arenow  less likely to allow Boyle, or any other Ranger, a free shot in physically abusing Karlsson, outside of the rules of the game.

Once again, the NHL created the situation, by refusing to do the job at the outset, then, from the power vacuum this created,  left the player holding the bag.

Hagelin – Rangers fans have every right to be disgusted by this suspension, not because it wasn’t warranted – it was – but because it seems inconsistent with the Weber non suspension.  Webers act, IMO, is at least as bad, and because it came outside the play, even worse.

That being said, those Ranger fans claiming Alfie embellished…get real, there’s no way he misses half of the game, and OT, just in the hopes of getting Hagelin suspended, that is just plain idiocy.

Yes Shanahan has a difficult job, but he’s done nothing (and maybe can’t) to make it any easier, and the on ice officials continue to foster the environment of chaos and in-consistency, leading to Shanny’s intervention, and eventual criticism.


What is left when honor is lost? – Publilius Syrus

Posted in General Opinion on April 6, 2012 by sensay

We all watch things in the game that leave us shaking our collective heads.

Cheap shots.

Ridiculous officiating.


But then, right when we think the game has sunk to its lowest ethical depths, something new happens, something so…wrong, it makes us shutter at the impact its doing has on the deepest foundations of the games integrity as a sport.

An act that makes us wonder if the sport we love has truly become little more than a game for spoiled millionaires.

Something that, when one see’s it occur, leaves one wondering “What is left when honor is lost?”

It hurts my soul to admit, the sport I love, hockey, is on a clear, determined and unfettered spiral downward, where anything goes, and the ends will always, always, justify the means.

Yes, it was a small thing…I guess, but, it so entirely lacked in honour, its impact is paradigmal in scope.

Judge for yourself;


Cash Cow or Red Herring?

Posted in General Opinion on March 4, 2012 by sensay

There has been a lot of chatter about the recent proposal to close the tax exemption for “entertainment/marketing” costs associated with sports/arts tickets purchased by profitable companies.

The truth is, it is not going to make any difference, either way, for anyone.  If the loop-hole closes, the Government won’t collect one dollar more, the Sens won’t sell one less ticket, and the companies won’t skip one opportunity to show off to their clients.

Here’s why.

The tax write-off is minuscule.  Companies are not motivated to buy these tickets to gain the tax write off, it’s merely a bonus.  As such, if the effort is good for business, they will continue to buy tickets, just like if it were not, they would not.  The tax write-off is NOT the deciding factor.

The government will not gain any more tax revenue because these companies will just spend this money on a different tax-exempt expense…and there a MANY to chose from.  If the government were closing all exemptions, then yes, it would provide an impact, but to close one, while leaving the other 99.9% active…it will make ZERO difference to the province.

This entire issue smacks of political posturing.  The government will take the path that earns them the best public opinion, knowing that, at the end of the day, it has neither cost nor gained anyone anything, but themselves.


Let The Madness Begin

Posted in Chatter, General Opinion on February 14, 2012 by sensay

It has been simmering for sometime now…the trade talk.

There have been rumours, quips from various GM’s, even full-scale “rumour” shows, all with little or nothing of substance behind them.

But, with one word, the anticipation around the trade deadline just took a huge bump up.


Seems a rather innocuous word, hardly something one would consider capable of initiating 29 GM’s frenzied examination of their rosters.

But, in this instance, it is the name that surrounds the word.  Scott Howson confirmed he is “Open” to offers on star forward Rick Nash.

You’re not “open” to offers on Nash, and then publicly discuss that fact, unless you’re trading him.  You don’t even say a word on the subject, publicly, unless a deal is done, either now, or in the off-season.

Nash may not be moving now…and unless it includes a package of prospects and multiple picks, he isn’t, but he is moving this summer, and both Howson and Nash know where.

Howson is just hoping to sweeten the deal, by increasing the demand, in hopes that some GM will lose his mind.

Always a  good gamble.

But where would Nash be willing to go?

Here’s the thing, he isn’t going to want to go to Toronto or Montreal…too much pressure, especially if the price those teams paid made his trade a “must win” scenario, something which the raBid press would point to after anything but the best of performances.

No, Nash would want to go to a team that he could compliment, not “save”.

Boston, Detroit, Anaheim, Chicago Vancouver and maybe San Jose.

If I were a betting man, I’d say it’s one of either Boston or Vancouver, with Boston leading the charge.

Thanks to the Leafs they’ve had the bounty of some free top draft selections, so parting with a string of them now would be acceptable.  They have a team capable of supporting Nash, not needing him to be the only horse in the stable.  And maybe, most importantly, they have two legitimate number one goaltenders.



Posted in General Opinion on February 2, 2012 by sensay

Well, for all of those trying to put the sting of perceived bias by NHL officials behind them, out comes a horrific example of bias/incompetence out of LA.

For some un-explained reason, while on the power-play, and furiously applying offensive pressure, the clock “paused” just until the puck entered the CLB net, winning the game for the 8th place (p%) LA Kings.

What is worse is that this was not discovered by anyone until Columbus reviewed the game tape.

Now, I ask you, good readers…do you really believe Howson released this information to the media, before the NHL?

Yeah right!

No, something motivated Howson to blow the whistle on this, and expose the NHL’s dirty laundry.

Howson had NOTHING to gain by releasing this information, he knew his club was out of it…so why did he?  The league wasn’t going to give him a point, and his team isn’t going to make the post season.

FWIW, Los Angeles represents the second largest media market in the NHL, behind only NYC.

BTW, all associated officials are direct employees of the NHL, not the Kings, or the arena.

It all may mean nothing…but it sure doesn’t look good.


p.s. Here is Howsons’ take on the matter, which was later removed from the NHL controlled site.

p.p.s. Campbells response to this issue…”Once the game is over, it’s over…”  Seriously?  Just for clarification, when you say over, do you mean the first over, or the second over?  What a joke!

OT- Sarah Burke – An Inspiration.

Posted in General Opinion on January 20, 2012 by sensay

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbour.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.”
— Mark Twain

The death of Sarah Burke, a Canadian athlete and sports pioneer, raises a lot of questions about life, the pursuit of ones dreams, and the risks one is willing to take in order to achieve them.

29 is so very young, but many have died much younger, for far less than the passionate pursuit of what they love.

I will never question the tragedy of her death, for it was not tragic, it was glorious, and in so an inspiration to us all to remember, no matter the duration, we will all, everyone one of us, die…that does not matter near so much as what we do before that inevitable event.

Thank-you Sarah, for being so full of life, and having the bravery to live it.


Of Profits, Politics and Performance.

Posted in General Opinion on January 3, 2012 by sensay

Is Ottawa sitting in a sweet spot, a rose between two thorns, if you will?

If one were to take a moment to look to their left, and their right, they would notice two iconic teams mired in years of failure, rooted in a lack of focus.

To the west lies Toronto.  A team still struggling to make the post season after almost a decade of misses…a decade!  In Ottawa the revolt was on after missing once.  In Toronto the building remains full, the merchandise continues to fly off the shelves, and the talk remains about possibly making the post season.  Meanwhile companies are lining up to own the franchise, an epicly losing franchise, because even though they can’t win on the ice, they always perform at the box office.

Year after year the Toronto franchise insists winning is the best business move, yet, as the business grows, the winning doesn’t…actions speak louder than words, and in Toronto, the action is all on paper, not ice.

If you were to look East, one would notice the leagues most storied franchise, but a franchise that has been victimized by politics since it’s near bankruptcy in the 90’s.

In an effort to increase merchandising, the Habs management, under George Gillett, chose to market the team as a “francophone legacy”.  It worked…too well.  Now, as the masses clamour for contact with their francophone roots, the media has lept on board and, in an effort to sell papers, sold the masses a  red herring crisis, more suited to the halls of government, than the media room of the Bell Centre.

As the Canadiens burn, the francophone “fans” play the fiddle.

Meanwhile, here in Ottawa, all we worry about is winning.

And guess what…we are.


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